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The open-source stereoscopic camera based on Raspberry Pi with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an advanced powering system

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Boards shipping soon and supply chain challenges

by Eugene Pomazov

Here is the current status of our production and shipping.

StereoPi v2 Boards Regular and Slim

All boards have completed the production process:

  • the batch has been produced and tested at the factory
  • all boards successfully arrived at our kitting partner
  • all orders, which includes boards only, have been kitted, packed, and shipped to Mouser for fulfillment
  • the shipment was received by Mouser on July 19th.

StereoPi v2 first batch shipment

This means if your order is for the board only (StereoPi v2 Regular or Slim version), it will be shipped as soon as everything is set up in the Mouser logistics system. As a rule, this process takes a couple of weeks.

StereoPi Camera Kit assembly status

The set of accessories for the StereoPi V2 Camera Kit

Here is a list of components we’ve received from the factory that are ready for the kitting process:

  • StereoPi v2 boards
  • Compute Module 4 (CM4)
  • CM4 external antenna
  • Acrylic camera mount plates
  • Tripod with mount
  • Nylon fixture (nuts, bolts, and spacers)
  • Shot button with jumper wires soldered
  • micro SD cards
  • 2" IPS screen

Components we are waiting for to complete the Camera Kits assembly:

  • IMX219 wide-angle camera (160 degrees FOV)

So, cameras are the only item we’re still waiting for to complete assembling our kits. They are expected to arrive at our kitting partner on 26 of July.

Metal HQ-Camera Housing

HQ housing, black anodized aluminium

Aluminium parts are expected to be shipped from the factory on 28 of July. The HQ housing kits assembly requires adding a couple of HOYA CM500 filters to the package and putting on a label, which just takes one day. Considering the kitting and shipping time to the Mouser, we expect completed kits will arrive at Mouser in the second week of August.

PoE Shields

StereoPi v2 PoE

Production of these boards is still stuck due to the inflated SI3402-B-GM chip price. As we mentioned in our previous update, each PoE shield’s production cost now exceeds our retail price. So right now, we are calculating the final economics of the whole StereoPi v2 project with all expenses (shipping, fulfillment, taxes, etc.) and we will try to produce all of them using all available money. We rejected other solutions (like waiting for the next year for the market to calm down or developing a PoE shield from scratch using another chip) because all of them led to an extremely long wait-time for our backers.

After our previous update about PoE production challenges, we got a few emails with supportive words. Some of you suggested we increase the PoE price and ask backers to shoulder the costs. We appreciate your help! But we’ll try first to use all other options we have now to keep our word and deliver the PoE shields at the declared price.

By the way, if you happen to know where any SI3402-B-GM chips are available (a few hundred pieces at a price significantly lower than $10) - let us know! We know miracles happen sometimes…

Thank You!

Everyone, thank you very much for your support. Life gave us a test and made us take a challenging exam with this batch production. You see, Crowd Supply platform is proud that 100% of funded projects deliver their products to backers. We’re doing our best to keep this number the same, and we don’t want to let Crowd Supply down!

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Product Choices


StereoPi v2 Slim

Perfect for DIY ninjas and those wanting to embed StereoPi in a tight space. This board is the same as the standard edition, but without all the bulky connectors - the Ethernet RJ45 jack, GPIO header, and dual USB Type-A connector have not been populated. To use this board, you will need your own Raspberry Pi Compute Module, cameras, and camera ribbon cables. Two short power cables and three jumpers already included.


StereoPi v2 Standard

The world of stereoscopic video awaits! This board is the ultimate interface between two cameras and a Raspberry Pi Compute Module. It comes with all the bells and whistles, including Ethernet, dual USB ports, GPIO header, microSD slot, HDMI output, and more. To use this board, you will need your own Raspberry Pi Compute Module, cameras, and camera ribbon cables. Two short power cables and three jumpers already included.


StereoPi v2 Camera Kit

Everything you need to assemble your camera! Includes StereoPi Standard, CM4 + external antenna, 2 cameras (IMX219, 160 FOV), a TFT screen, a shot button, camera-mount plates, nuts & bolts, 3 jumpers, a 15 cm tripod, and 2 microSD cards with pre-written SLP and OpenCV images!


StereoPi PoE HAT

This board adds Power over Ethernet option to your StereoPi


StereoPi HQ Metal Housing

Metal housing for a couple of HQ cameras with advanced adjustments features. Includes StereoPi HQ housing base + carriages, 2 x HOYA CM500 filters (8.9 x 8.9 x 1 mm), a set of nuts/bolts/washers for assembly, and a tripod. To use this kit you need a couple of HQ cameras and a couple of C or CS lenses.



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