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Nov 05, 2021

Project update 9 of 9

Porting to LVGL

by Tyler G

I apologize for having gone dark for a while. Two reasons. First, I was wallowing in despair over the chip shortage. Second, I ported all the Stratify Toolbox applications to LVGL which did cheer me up.

The Chip Shortage

I was perusing suppliers trying to get a basic idea of when I could get parts for the Toolbox. I found this lead time quote for the STM32H750.

Based on this estimate, I will be able to ship the Toolbox Q3 of 2059. Fortunately, I don’t think this estimate is accurate. Mouser has several thousand of these chips on order that are expected sometime in the middle of next year.

LVGL Updates

I had originally expanded a UX framework I used for some other projects but was never really happy with it. I first came across LVGL a few years ago. At the time it was a nascent project. When I revisited it as an option for the Toolbox, I was very impressed. Not just with the result but the technology as well.

LVGL on the Toolbox Preview

Here is the Flash Tool application used for stand-alone MCU flashing:

This pinout application makes it easy to connect external chips using a serial bus such as I²C.

This is the settings application that allows you to see and tinker with the inner workings of the Toolbox.

LVGL Technology

I am an advocate for C++ over C in embedded systems for at least a few reasons. LVGL is written in C in an object-oriented fashion. This allows it to be used in both C and C++ projects. This approach made it easy to write a C++ wrapper for LVGL that let me code the way I like to code.

When to Launch?

At this point, the only thing holding me back is the uncertainty in the supply chain. Like any inferno, the only way out is to go through it. I have accepted that I cannot wait for the uncertainty to subside. I just need to launch and go through the challenges as they arise.

Now, I just need to make that video.

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