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SDK Setup & Configuration

by Tyler G

With our easy-to-use SDK, you will find yourself building and installing new applications in no time at all. Just a few simple steps will have you up and running on Windows 10 or MacOS in less than ten minutes. (Linux support coming soon.)



You need to make sure you have git bash and cmake installed.

Then you can run these commands in a git bash terminal to install sl.

mkdir -p /C/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin
curl -L -o /C/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin/sl.exe ''
chmod 755 /C/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin/sl.exe
echo 'export PATH=/C/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bash_profile
source ~/.bash_profile


Install the Xcode command line tools using:

xcode-select --install

Then you can run these commands in a git bash terminal to install sl.

mkdir -p /Applications/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin
curl -L -o /Applications/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin/sl ''
chmod 755 /Applications/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin/sl
echo 'export PATH=/Applications/StratifyLabs-SDK/Tools/gcc/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bash_profile
source ~/.bash_profile

Installing the SDK

First make sure sl is installed and working correctly with:

sl --update
sl --version

You will see something like this after the last command

# about

## output
- publisher: Stratify Labs, Inc
- version: 0.45
- gitHash: 90b91bf
- apiVersion: 3.8.0b
- apiGitHash: 401fce3

Building & Running HelloWorld

sl sdk.install
sl app.create:name=MyTool,from=
sl task.signal:id=1,signal=INT # tell the OS to jump to development mode (make sure Toolbox USB is connected)
sl app.install:path=MyTool,run,terminal

That’s it. Your new tool will be running on the Toolbox and you can modify the code to make it do whatever you like using the C/C++ APIs.

About the Author

Tyler G

StratifyLabs  ·  StratifyLabs  ·   HIGHLAND, UT

This project is launching soon.

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Stratify Labs, Inc.

Stratify Labs builds tools that help developers bring IoT products to life including Stratify OS. Stratify OS is a microcontroller operating system built specifically to handle the growing complexity demanded by IoT devices. It features complete kernel/application separation (in both the build and execution), filesystem and hardware abstraction, automatic updates, as well as built-in networking and security. We also are building the Toolbox (powered by Stratify OS), but you already knew that.

Tyler Gilbert

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