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Apr 21, 2020

Project update 3 of 9

Tomorrow's AMA, Distractions, and Linux

by Tyler G

AMA on Discord

I am excited to announce the Stratify Toolbox AMA on Crowd Supply’s Discord channel. Here are the details:

The Great Pandemic (Distraction)

In the last few weeks, I, like many of you I’m sure, have been enormously distracted by the COVID 19 pandemic. I live in an area that has not been hard hit directly. As I hunker down, my heart goes out to the millions and millions of people who are suffering physically, mentally, socially, and financially.

Unfortunately, this means I have not made as much progress on the Stratify Toolbox firmware (the hardware design is largely complete). I did make a COVID 19 tracking website, though, using a lot of code that I actually run on Stratify Toolbox. All the code is on GitHub. This is the site.

The Survey & Linux Support

I am still hoping to get feedback on your favorite Toolbox features, so please fill out the Survey if you haven’t already.

I updated the form so that everyone can see the responses. This was the biggest shock to me:

As a result of your feedback, I will be adding support for developing Toolbox Applications on Linux. The good news is that the code for all of the tools is POSIX-centric, so porting it won’t be a big deal.

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