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Tomorrow's AMA, Distractions, and Linux

by Tyler G

AMA on Discord

I am excited to announce the Stratify Toolbox AMA on Crowd Supply’s Discord channel. Here are the details:

  • When: Wednesday, April 22nd at 1 PM Pacific Time
  • Where: Crowd Supply's Discord Channel. Here's your invite:
  • What: Answers to any and all questions you might have about Stratify Toolbox

The Great Pandemic (Distraction)

In the last few weeks, I, like many of you I’m sure, have been enormously distracted by the COVID 19 pandemic. I live in an area that has not been hard hit directly. As I hunker down, my heart goes out to the millions and millions of people who are suffering physically, mentally, socially, and financially.

Unfortunately, this means I have not made as much progress on the Stratify Toolbox firmware (the hardware design is largely complete). I did make a COVID 19 tracking website, though, using a lot of code that I actually run on Stratify Toolbox. All the code is on GitHub. This is the site.

The Survey & Linux Support

I am still hoping to get feedback on your favorite Toolbox features, so please fill out the Survey if you haven’t already.

I updated the form so that everyone can see the responses. This was the biggest shock to me:

As a result of your feedback, I will be adding support for developing Toolbox Applications on Linux. The good news is that the code for all of the tools is POSIX-centric, so porting it won’t be a big deal.

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