An FPGA board that fits inside your USB port

Dec 26, 2018

Project update 3 of 20

Fomu at 35c3

Hello backers!

We hope your holidays are going well. Thank you all for your support so far. This update is to tell you all about our plans for 35C3.

The Chaos Communication Congress is an annual computing conference that takes place every year in Germany. This is its 35th incarnation, called 35C3. This year both Tim and Sean will be attending. If you’re in Leipzig, stop by and say hello!

Sean will host a small session on Fomu: an FPGA in your USB port. He’ll talk about some of the tech we’re using and developing for Fomu, and some of the plans we have for cool stuff we can do. If you’re at Congress, stop on by! We’ll have USB Tomu boards for people who ask good questions or share their ideas for Fomu projects.

Also, if you have a DECT phone, Sean can be reached by dialing "FOMU" (3668).

Tim is giving a talk on a related project called SymbiFlow, which is directly followed by a talk on nextpnr — the place-and-route tool we use for Fomu. Unlike Sean’s session, these talks will all be streamed live for you to enjoy in realtime.

Finally, we’ll both be attending LinuxConf Australia at the end of January. We’ll share more information about that as the conference approaches, so stay tuned, and keep spreading the word about Fomu!

Happy holidays, and a happy new year to all.


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