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Dec 10, 2020

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Stretch Goal: Larger Battery!

by bunnie

We’re barreling in toward the end of the campaign, and—as of the time this post was written—we’re extremely close to hitting our funding goal!

When we priced out the original funding goal for Precursor, we had to carefully balance up-front tooling costs against the wishlist of features that we wanted to cram into its tiny case. Furthermore, the pandemic and its global financial impact meant we had to tighten our belt and pick a conservative funding target.

One way we were able to lower our funding target was by cutting costs on the battery. The 1100 mAh battery specified for the campaign is an existing model from our battery vendor, which means we could buy them without having to pay for molds, tooling, or safety certifications. However, it also means the battery is slightly smaller than it could be—there’s a bit of empty space in the battery compartment.

A full-custom battery pack would allow us to fill the available space, thus increasing battery capacity from 1100 mAh to 1300 mAh—an 18% improvement in battery capacity! That translates to about an extra hour of full-on usage, or an extra half-day of standby time.

We sharpened our pencils a bit, and calculated that if we’re able to hit a stretch goal of $280,000, we’ll be able upgrade the battery capacity of all devices to 1300 mAh, free of charge!

So, if you’re excited about more battery life in your mobile gadget (and who isn’t?), please help spread the word. Let’s see if we can push for a stretch goal of $280,000!

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