The Essential Guide to Electronics in Shenzhen

A sourcing tool designed to help non-Mandarin speakers navigate the Hua Qiang electronics market.

Feb 04, 2016

Project update 1 of 6

Funding Successful!

Dear Backers,

THANK YOU! I’m ecstatic over the amount of support the book has received. In under 24 hours, the campaign hit its target. Thank you for your tweets, posts, likes, +1’s, up-votes and pledges. The response has been truly overwhelming.

Because of you, this book is going to happen!

I’m looking forward to delivering your book(s) on time. Since the campaign is 100% funded, I’ll go to the factory in early March, after all the workers have returned from the Chinese New Year Holiday, to formalize the production run and approve final samples. While I’m there, I’ll try to snag a few photos of the factory where the book will be printed.

More updates to come, thanks again for all the amazing support. If you think of anyone else who might need one, let them know so they can get their order in before the campaign discount expires.



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