Tiny retro gaming on your keychain

Feb 07, 2018

Project update 1 of 8

PocketSprite is Live!

PocketSprite is live! We’re so excited by the possibility of as many people enjoying this device as possible.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll pull back the curtain on how the device came to be and what exactly you can do with it.

PocketSprite started as a phone call in late 2016. Shouting over the racket of zinc-injection molding machines in southern China, down the line of an unstable Skype call, tenuously holding its connection over the Great Chinese Firewall, Steve called Sprite_tm with a simple request: Can we build it?

A month prior, Sprite_tm had released another legendary hardware hack: A fully functional gaming device built off the ESP32 platform; an amazing achievement in itself. There was a flurry of Internet activity, as people got excited and then promptly disappointed that the device seemed like it would only be a one-off proof-of-concept.

After seeing it on Hackaday, like many others, Steve wanted one. But as a manufacturing geek, he didn’t want just one for himself, he wanted one for everyone. He was determined to make one for everyone. This product was just too cool to not exist.

Just over one year later, if you were one of the people excited by the initial project, you finally have the ability to proudly place this device on your keychain — and we’re very proud to be able to give you that opportunity - thank you.

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