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Translucent Case Option and Other News

Hello, PocketSpriters!

One of the most popular requests we’ve had is to offer a translucent case. Well, the wait is over! Check it out:

Both regular and hacker edition versions of PocketSprite are now availabe for order with the translucent case. If you’ve already placed your order and want to update it to include a translucent case, then you can fill out the translucent case order update form to change your order. A few notes about changing your existing order:

  • There is no price difference between getting a black case and getting a translucent case.
  • Updating your order won't affect when your PocketSprite ships.
  • It will take several days or longer for the order change to go through, but once it does you will receive a new order confirmation email from Crowd Supply.
  • Translucent cases are available for Early Bird orders, but only if you update your order before the end of the campaign.
  • Translucent cases are not available for the Deluxe Edition.
  • Your Crowd Supply account lists all your orders.
  • You will only have until the end of the campaign to update an existing order - we are quickly going into production and can't accept order changes after the campaign ends this Thursday!

Again, if you want to update your order, fill out the order change form before the end of the campaign and your order will be updated in a week or so.

Other News

Jeroen started to work on some games for the PocketSprite. One game is finished — it’s a game inspired by Fluffy Bird. Another game is in progress and… it’s a surprise. :)

Regarding manufacturing, everything is going according to schedule and we anticipate deliverying PocketSprites on time.

Finally, we will include a free screen protector with every PocketSprite for even more protection.

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