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Apr 30, 2024

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Openterface Mini-KVM Crowdfunding Campaign Goes Live NOW!

by TechxArtisan

We’re excited to announce that the crowdfunding campaign for the Openterface Mini-KVM is now live! This feature-rich, open-source, and community-driven device simplifies the way you control and interact with headless computers.

It offers a compact, lightweight, and speedy KVM-over-USB solution that eliminates the need for additional keyboards, mice, monitors, or network configuration. You can control a headless computer directly from your laptop or desktop computer, simplifying your setup and enhancing your workflow.

Join us in making your tech life easier!

A Versatile Tool for Various On-the-Go Needs

The Openterface Mini-KVM is the perfect companion for a wide range of users and scenarios:

Driven by Community Feedback

Our venture into the creation of the Openterface Mini-KVM was sparked by our own challenges and a collective desire for a more effective tool. With a history rich in our TechxArtisan studio developing cool tech art projects and outdoor IoT solutions, we often faced the dilemma of managing devices in unreliable network conditions without the luxury of carrying extra equipment. Fueled by conversations with peers and feedback from a community sharing our plight, we set out to craft a device that addresses these needs head-on, facilitating the control of headless devices reliably and effortlessly.

The Openterface Mini-KVM Difference

You might wonder, with various KVM solutions available, why choose the Openterface Mini-KVM? Here’s why:

  1. Compact and Efficient: Tailored for both IT professionals and enthusiasts, our KVM-over-USB solution shines in environments with limited or no network access, offering a portable, network-independent, and swift troubleshooting tool.

  2. Affordability: We’ve worked hard to make the Openterface Mini-KVM more cost-effective than its counterparts, ensuring it’s within reach for everyone who needs this essential tool for work or hobby projects.

  3. Community-Driven and Open-Source: At its core, the Openterface Mini-KVM is about fostering a community of innovation and collaboration. By embracing open-source values, we invite users to contribute custom features and enhancements, enriching the tool’s capabilities and versatility.

Stay Connected and Involved

To stay up-to-date with the latest developments, receive technical support, and connect with fellow users, we invite you to visit our Pre-Launch page on Crowd Supply, explore our website at, and join our subreddit r/Openterface_miniKVM and Discord communities TechxArtisan.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and revolutionize the way you control headless devices. Join us in making the Openterface Mini-KVM a reality!


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