Aug 05, 2022

Teardown Session 27: Pixel Pump pick and place machine by Robin Reiter

This week, host Helen Leigh chats with creator Robin Reiter about his Pixel Pump project, currently funding on Crowd Supply. Pixel Pump is an open-source, manual pick-and-place machine for PCB artisans. They cover far-ranging topics about print farms, the joys of designing your own packaging, and using MicroPython in a product.

As always, anyone who comments or asks a question during the livestream has a chance to win this week’s box of mystery hardware!

Pixel Pump

Contains Pixel Pump, one foot pedal, a power supply, a USB Type-C cable, and a set of nozzles suitable for picking and placing most SMD components, including small 0402 passives, larger parts like inductors and ICs, and just about everything in between. SMD magazines, SMD magazine rails, and power cord are not included.

$499 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide
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