Jul 28, 2023

Teardown Session 37: Hackaday Prize chats

In this episode of the Teardown Sessions, we’re speaking to Majenta Strongheart who is the director of @supplyframedesignlab, host of The BOM podcast, and wrangler of The Hackaday Prize, the global hardware design challenge focused on widespread and impactful innovation. This year, the Hackaday prize is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a range of challenges, from education to, well, saving the world.

About the Hackaday Prize

For ten years, the Hackaday Prize has offered a chance for the open source hardware community and the electronics industry to step into real global issues and engineer designs that make an impact. For this 10-year milestone, we are challenging our open source community of engineers, designers, scientists, and hackers with a set of challenges that call back to some of the most impactful themes our community has addressed over the last decade.

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