Jun 04, 2021

Teardown Session 4: E-paper and open source smart watches with Wailun from Watchy

Crowd Supply’s Helen Leigh unboxes and assembles a Watchy while chatting with Wailun of SQFMI. Join them as they discuss smart watches, e-paper, DIY displays, PCB design and how he successfully raised $220,000+ by crowdfunding his open source hardware designs.

Wailun is the engineer behind Watchy https://www.crowdsupply.com/sqfmi/watchy, a beautiful, fully open source and customizable e-paper watch that raised over $220,000 on Crowd Supply. Join the conversation as we dive into their tech, and nerd out about e-paper and other "alternative" display technology We also look at some of the things the SQFMI https://sqfmi.com/ team did beyond just engineering to make their first crowdfunded product such a success.

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