Oct 15, 2021

Teardown Session 8: open science hardware and best practices for opening up your hardware

Crowd Supply’s Helen Leigh chats with Alicia Gibb, hardware hacker and open source hardware advocate, and Javier Serrano, who leads a team of electronics designers and Linux kernel developers at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. Join them as they discuss open hardware best practices, open source hardware movements around the world, and the importance of open hardware for open science and indeed, science and engineering generally..

The conversation ranges widely, from the philosophical (what is openness?) to nuts and bolts for developers (e.g., open source tools for FPGA development). They ruminate on what defines open hardware and what role it plays in open science, and the larger movement towards openness. They also take a look at open source hardware tooling, open source FPGA development, and the history of OSHWA.

Editor’s Note: This episode is packed with info, get ready to go down some deep rabbit holes!

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