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Open-source hardware password manager

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We did it!

First of all, we are profoundly grateful that you believed in our idea. Thank you!

During campaign we received a lot of questions, let me clear some of them:

  • Enclosure - Shrink tube is all we have at this moment. Plan to add 3d model in repo to give ability to print it anywhere
  • Programming - There is repo on GitHub, join Pastilda team, make your own features, help us, we are glad to see you there! There is no connector for programming on PCB, so DFU is one way, if you can solder a little, you can utilise SWD(Read more on ST). When Sw updates would come, you could just download it to SD card of Pastilda.
  • Using with Laptops - It’s impossible without external keyboard, but we think about additional USB button module that will bring ability to use great functions of Pastilda with laptops, smartphones etc.
  • Pastilda mode - It's tricky to press Ctrl+~ on some keyboards, so you could change it yourself. Just don't forget it.

Thank you for your support, don’t forget to use strong passwords!

Ivan and Third pin team.

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Apr 04 2017
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An open-source hardware, designed to manage the credentials in handy and secure way.


Third pin

We develop and produce electronic devices, as well as provide technical support to our customers. Our company provides such services as design, circuit development, SHF and software. A key focus of our activities is engineering of hardware-software systems and tools for their effective debugging and testing. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in radar systems, ship control systems and power supplies development. Founded in 2011, we have successfully completed over than 30 projects.

Ivan Larionov


Pavel Larionov


Dmitry Shishov

Electrical Engineer

Anastasia Lazareva


Pavel Vorobyov


Dmitry Lisin


Ilya Stolyarov


Elena Larionova

Financial analyst


Contract manufacturer

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