Pika Power Board

Powerful, breadboard compatible, easy to use power supply board that accepts a wide range of inputs and provides multiple outputs

Dec 06, 2022

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Our Campaign is Now Live on Crowd Supply!

by Walid

We are excited to announce that the Pika Power Board crowdfunding campaign is now live and is ready for pre-order. Thanks for all the support so far and for subscribing to the project. The Pika Power Board is a kit that I’ve wanted to develop out of necessity, due to how often I needed a variety of voltages for my prototyping projects, but didn’t want to have to utilize multiple power supplies to get the power levels I needed. Once I created a prototype for the Pika Power Board, I found myself using it almost daily with my projects due to its versatility, as it was designed to bring a safer and faster development process to test and build circuits with any requirement of power within 25 V. Its portability and high current capability make it a robust solution for a variety of applications, such as prototyping applications, outdoor projects, robotics projects, and more. The Pika Power Board can run on batteries or power banks with USB-C output, and even has a negative voltage output with high current capability.

The Pika Power Board is an excellent kit for students, hobbyists, engineers, STEM clubs, and classrooms to facilitate a versatile and easy to use power source. No worries anymore about short circuits or faults done by mistake, as the power outputs are protected against reverse polarity and short circuits, so there is no risk of the magic smoke being released by an accidental connection.

We have designed the Pika Power Board to be superior to any other solution on the market. We have done so by providing features such as:

The Pika Power Board is the foundation for our company and its future. Our extraordinary team combined with your continued support will change the way we think about educational and portable electronic tools and equipment.

Thank you!
TikStation Team

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