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A portable hardware kit for experimenting with pneumatics

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Next Batch Details

by Amitabh S

A new batch of Programmable-Air units is almost complete! All that’s left is a thorough QA inspection, and then off to kitting and then to the warehouse to be shipped to customers. If you’ve already got an order in, thank you for your additional patience while we try to move as fast as we can given the times we’re now in. We expect orders to start shipping between mid and late June - with a bit of padding to account for COVID-19.

Once kits are shipped, we’ll be running a Field Report contest to showcase some of the cool things you are doing with your Programmable-Airs. So keep up the good work on those projects and don’t forget to do a bit of documentation!

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Amitabh S

 Brooklyn, NY

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Product Choices


Programmable-Air Starter Kit

Your very own Programmable-Air board with extra silicone tubing and pneumatic connectors. Just add an Arduino Nano, power supply, and USB cord to get started.


Deluxe Kit

Make your soft robot! Comes with a Programmable-Air board with an Arduino-compatible Nano, power supply, micro USB cord, extra silicone tubing and pneumatic connectors, materials to make handheld vacuum pickup and to make jamming grippers. All packed in a beautiful foam case.



Physicist, turned maker, artist, and engineer. Amitabh enjoys solving inter-disciplinary problems in electronics, mechanics and human-computer interaction. Currently pursuing master's at ITP, NYU where he seeks to learn everything it takes to turn a napkin sketch into a product.

Amitabh Shrivastava

Worthington Assembly

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