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Dec 21, 2022

Project update 8 of 9

Production of a New Batch Starting Soon!

by Crowd Supply


It’s been a long time since the last update was posted. We are deeply grateful for your patience and your support of both TinyFPGA and open source hardware. We have experienced many problems getting this project up and running again, but we are excited to say that we finally have some good news to share!

Parts Procured and New Shipping Estimate

We have purchased over 2500 FPGAs as well as all the other key components for TinyFPGA BX. This will be enough to fulfill all outstanding orders and make extras to keep in stock. The parts are on track to arrive in early Spring 2023. We have also been in touch with our manufacturing partners in order to put together a plan for getting the boards made. Taking the component delivery and production timelines into account, we now expect to deliver all pending orders in May 2023.

Future Price Increase

As you probably already know, increasing component and production costs have led to higher prices for many hardware products. The price of TinyFPGA BX has remained the same on our site for years, and hasn’t kept up with the changing landscape of hardware manufacturing. As a result, we need to update the price of TinyFPGA BX by raising it to $49 for future customers. This price change goes into affect only for newly-placed orders.

What Went Wrong?

TinyFPGA experienced a variety of roadblocks, including supplier and manufacturer changes, global components shortages, extremely long lead times for FPGAs, and price increases that have further delayed production. All of these factors combined to make it difficult to provide accurate, transparent information, but we still should have kept you up to date on the issues we were facing. We’re truly sorry for not communicating sooner about these delays, or being transparent about the issues we were having.

We would like to thank you all again: you have been exceedingly patient waiting for your orders to be shipped. TinyFPGA is a wonderfully useful, popular project that we want to see continue to flourish.

Next Update

We are currently finalizing manufacturing plans and building test jigs. We will update you again when we take delivery of the major components and have solidified our manufacturing plans.

Thank you all again for your patience and support of TinyFPGA, which helps keep this project alive.

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