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Feb 10, 2022

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Our Campaign Is Now Live!

by daniel k

Dear Backers,

We are pleased to announce the launch of CANFDuino from Togglebit. Visit our campaign page to order yours now!

Are you working on an DIY EV conversion, designing a vehicle-data-logging system, or bridging CAN systems together for a project at work? Modern vehicle-control systems can include up to 10 CAN-bus networks, so having access to multiple buses is critical when collecting sensor readings from various systems, getting multiple controllers to "talk" to one another, or sniffing and logging bus traffic to troubleshoot an issue. CANFDuino is an Arduino-compatible platform specifically designed for the rapid prototyping of open-source, CAN- and CANFD-bus applications. It allows the DIY maker to build on top the information provided through these networks.

This platform was designed for tinkerers, hackers, and industry professionals looking for an off-the shelf, open-source, CAN/FD-bus solution with little to no hardware assembly required. Traditional open-source CAN-bus solutions require multiple shields, hand wiring, delicate soldering, and merging of code libraries. They also require that you design and build your own enclosure to protect the result. CANFDuino is a finished, "ready-to-modify" product. It gives you a prototyping space, it simplifies the addition of Arduino IDE software libraries, and it comes with an enclosure.

Powered by the Microchip ATSAMC21G18A M0 processor, CANFDuino has dual CAN/CANFD ports, an SD card slot, and plenty of analog and digital IO. Support for CANFD—the latest CAN-bus standard—is a critical enabler for the open-source community, as it accommodates speeds of up to 5 Mbps and payloads of 64 bytes. We’ve also taken steps to save you from those mile-high stacks of prototype shields by building in a hardware-prototyping space for SMT and through-hole components. The entire solution fits nicely inside a rugged aluminum enclosure with DB9 connectors that is suitable for the rough-and-tumble environment of your automotive, autonomous-vehicle, or automation project.

Below are a few pictures of the the first batch of prototypes!

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