Traverse Ten64

by Traverse Technologies

An eight-core ARM64 networking platform with mainline Linux support


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Product Choices


Ten64 Complete Kit

You get a a fully assembled and tested Ten64 mainboard installed in a custom metal enclosure with a fan, 60 W power supply with regional power cord, a USB-C console cable, a recovery microSD card, a SIM eject tool, and a hex key, as you'd expect with any good piece of hardware. RAM with ECC not included.



From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

This SanDisk solid-state drive (SSD) fits inside the standard Ten64 enclosure and interfaces to the mainboard via NVMe. The 128 GB drive (P/N SDAPMUW-128G-1022) is compatible with both the M.2 Key M and M.2 Key B slots on Ten64's mainboard, whereas the 256 GB drive (P/N SDBPNPZ-256G) and 512 GB drive (P/N SDBPNPZ-512G) are only compatible with the M.2 Key M slot. These drives are only available when purchased with a Ten64. User installation required.


NAS-grade SATA 2.5" SSD

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

These NAS-grade solid state drives (SSDs) are rated to last much longer than consumer models, so are perfect for NAS bulk storage. Choose from 256 GB (AP256GPPSS25-R), 512 GB (AP512GPPSS25-R), and 1 TB (AP1TPPSS25-R) capacities. These drives are only available when purchased with a Ten64. User installation required.


Flexible SATA Cable

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

A flexible cable (3M part number 5602-44-0142A-300) for connecting a SATA drive to a SATA controller board.


Traverse Technologies

Traverse is a design house focusing on broadband and machine-to-machine applications. Our key areas of expertise are in wireline (xDSL), wireless (LTE), and embedded Linux with an aim to leverage open source technologies such as Linux and OpenWrt as much as possible.

Guy Ellis

SI and DFM Engineer

Mathew McBride

Product Architect

Brett Hahnel

PCB Layout and CAD

Sean Yang

SW Developer

Dennis Monks

SW Dev Leader

Vaughn Coetzee

Firmware Developer



Contract Manufacturer

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