Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

A fully programmable, impeccably built, split mechanical keyboard - designed for extreme productivity and ergonomics.

Dec 16, 2015

Project update 17 of 76

The Campaign is Over

123% Funded! Now the real work begins

After 2 months of running the campaign, it came to an end on Monday with $246,510 raised - What a crazy ride it has been!

As it turns out, you’re super smart folks and gave us loads of awesome feedback. This is very valuable because it will make the UHK better. Much appreciated, everybody!

Preorders are available

Even though the campaign is over, it doesn’t mean that people won’t be able to purchase UHKs! We’ve just entered into the pre-order phase. The current deals are still very good compared to our final retail price that will come into effect after shipping the crowdfunding orders, so you’re welcome to spread the word about this opportunity while it’s available.

Choose your case color

For those of you who ordered before colored cases became available, now is the time to make your choice! If you’d like a black case, there’s no need to do anything. If you’d like a different color,you can change it via this poll.

Our apologies

In one of our previous updates we highlighted a cool Korean video that was made of the UHK, which we believed to be Japanese, and referred it as such. We’re very sorry about it.

Going forward

András and I are finally be able to put our engineer hats on. We’ll have to further refine the design to make it ready for manufacturing, then get the tooling done and actually manufacture the goods.

András will be busy with the mechanical design, dealing with manufacturers and personally overseeing the mold making process. I’ll have to focus on the electronics, firmware and host-side software. But rather than implementing everything alone, I’m more than willing to delegate - possibly to you! I’ll talk more about this in our upcoming update.

Speaking of updates, from this point on we’ll be sending out monthly updates on our progress around the middle of each month. The next update will go out on 2016-01-14.

Exciting times ahead!

Laci, lead developer of the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

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