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Project Backers

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Alex H
Sunnyvale, CA

Johnny L
Duluth, MN

Matthew M
Albuquerque, NM

Caden L
Young, Canada

Ara C
San Francisco, CA

Mohamed K
Las Vegas, NV

Steven O
East Brady, PA

Syracuse, NY

Jeff Moe
Loveland, CO

Hamburg, Germany

Naga Manoj Kumar A
San Diego, CA

Lőrinc A
Zebegény, Hungary

Monte G
Littleton, CO

Allison S
Middlebury, VT

Mark Atwood
Seattle, WA

Stephen S
Herndon, VA

Mark R
Vienna, VA

Pat A
Winona, TX

Lawrence T
Seattle, WA

Richard D
Brighton, MI

Steven J
Tyngsboro, MA

Nishanth S
Chicago, IL

Mark S
Colorado Springs, CO

Eric M
Palo Alto, CA

Kashif A
San Ramon, CA

Crowd Supply
Portland, OR

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