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Oct 25, 2022

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New Mini PCIe Expansion Module & Backer Questions

by Kashif A

Thanks to everyone who has asked questions, offered suggestions, and provided encouragement! Collected here are summaries of the questions we’ve been getting, and details of a new mini PCIe expansion module for Ukama Tower Node.

Mini PCIe Expansion Ports

Ukama Tower Node’s functionality can be extended by the addition of a "mask" board, for which Ukama Tower Node’s enclosure has a dedicate internal slot and two dedicated SMA ports (labeled Ant-1 and Ant-2). Ukama Mini PCIe Expansion Module is a mask board with two Mini PCIe slots that expose two PCIe lanes from Ukama Tower Node’s general-purpose processing (GPP) module. The Mini PCIe slots can be used to host compatible off-the-shelf or custom PCIe modules, such as Wi-Fi APs, LoraWAN gateways, cellular modules, gigabit Ethernet cards, and ADCs. Contact Crowd Supply Support if you’d like to add a Mini PCIe expansion module to your order.

Questions & Answers

Below are summaries of questions and answers we’ve so far received. Feel free to ask your own question!

What spectrum is available for general use in New Zealand?

Currently, the band between 3.4GHz-3.8GHz is available for general use.

Are you planning to implement "device proxy" for CBRS in the USA?

Yes, we plan to implement device proxy and interop with Google CBRS SAS. The implementation will be open-source and you are also welcome to implement and use any other SAS provider.

Can we white-label your SIM and Billing?

Yes. And you can even define your own data plans for your customers. For this you need to get the “Ukama empowerment package”

What bands are currently supported by Ukama?

Ukama Tower Node can handle all LTE bands and Ukama Amplifier Unit supports B1, B2, B3, B4, B30, 38 B40, B41, B48, and B49. We can support other bands if there is demand for them. Ukama Home Node currently only supports B48 (CBRS).

What kind of coverage do we expect from the outdoor unit?

Coverage depends on various factors: frequency, terrain, UEs, etc. Ukama Tower Node with Amplifier Unit can go up to 1 km when using the omni-directional antenna with smart phones. Using directional antennas with stationary wireless devices will definitely increase the range.

How can I add money to the Ukama SIM/eSIM?

You will have access to Ukama web application where you can add more money, see your data usage, and perform various operations on your account.

Do you support native voice and SMS?

Currently no, however, all the data-only applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Signal, etc. will work as is.

Will the product be FCC certified?

Yes. We are planning for FCC and CE certification.

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