A small, open, affordable USB-C power adapter tester

Oct 16, 2017

Preparing to Ship

We're happy to report that the Tiny-PAT boards have all been manufactured. They are now undergoing final testing and will soon ship to Crowd Supply's warehouse for final fulfillment to backers. Read the full update.

Sep 11, 2017

Tiny-PAT as a Variable Power Supply

Though the primary function of the USBCEE Tiny-PAT is to test USB-C power adapters, it can also be used as variable power supply. Read the full update.

Aug 28, 2017

Campaign Live

This is your friendly reminder that the Tiny-PAT campaign is now live on Crowd Supply. Tiny-PAT is a compact device that makes USB-C testing easy, fast, and inexpensive. Pledge today and help spread the word on this great project! Read the full update.

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