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First step in batch production

by Eugene Pomazov

As you may know, factory batch production is a difficult challenge with a very high cost of errors. To avoid mistakes, we will take some preliminary steps to be sure everything will go well. A few days ago we took these first steps, while still preparing all other crowdfunding things like videos, campaign copy, and use cases.

We already have working prototypes created by our local manufacturer for testing purposes. But for the main batch we chose a big partner in another country. In our case, batch production includes three steps:

1. Making prototypes (20 pieces)
At this step we and the manufacturer check that everything is okay with our schematics, PCB, and components. For example, we found that we need to change the MicroSD connector because our original part is EOL and there is a market shortage.

2. Pilot run (several hundreds pieces)
This step comes right before all batch manufacturing and is intended to find hidden bugs and possible PCB or component problems. In the worst case, we would have to make all the PCBs over again with fixes, or have to buy alternative components if we encounter quality issues. In best case scenario, the manufacturing is successful and we go to the next step.

3. Main batch production
This is the final step when all devices are fully assembled.

So we are glad to inform you that on the 13th of November our manufacturing partner received our payment and started on the first step. Estimated production time is three weeks (including BOM buying, PCB production, and assembly).

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Product Choices


StereoPi AnyCase Kit

With AnyCase Kit you can get your setup in a 10 minutes, before you go to your 3D printer or laser cut machine! You can assemble any case with 25, 65, 120 or 200 mm stereobase, or for 360 degree video with just a screwdriver! And you have 12 more camera ribbons now, do not afraid to bend you cables in your bold experiments!


StereoPi Slim Edition

Perfect for DIY ninjas and those wanting to embed StereoPi in a tight space. This board is the same as the standard edition, but without all the bulky connectors - the Ethernet RJ45 jack, GPIO header, and dual USB Type-A connector have not been populated. To use this board, you will need your own Raspberry Pi Compute Module, cameras, and camera ribbon cables. Two short power cables already included.


StereoPi Starter Kit

This kit has everything you need to get started right away. The kit includes one StereoPi Standard Edition board, two V1 cameras (w/ ~20 cm ribbon cables), one Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 + Lite, and everything in the StereoPi Accessories Kit (two short ribbon cables, one USB power cable, two power cables, one V1/V2 dual-camera mounting plate, and one wide-angle dual-camera mounting plate). We've also included a microSD card pre-imaged with Raspbian and all the stereoscopic video and image demos you see on this project page.



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