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May 28, 2024

Project update 6 of 7

Rust SDK, SuperBooth, and last call for free shipping

by Fabien C

Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the first version of the Rust software development kit for the PGB-1.
You can find the GitHub repository here

In this first version, the SDK provides easy access to the LEDs, keyboard, and OLED screen. Audio and MIDI are still on the TODO list. We also include in the SDK two example projects as shown in the short video below:


Last week we were at the amazing SuperBooth event in Berlin. We met a lot of nice people, and did some interviews (SonicState (EN), Les Sondiers (FR), Loopop).

The top comments we got on the PGB-1 were:

  1. It looks smaller than I thought
  2. It sounds bigger than I thought
  3. It feels great in hands!

Last call for free shipping worldwide

We are entering the last days of the crowdfunding campaign, which means it’s your last chance to get free worldwide shipping on the PGB-1. The device will still be available for pre-orders on Crowd Supply, but the free shipping offer ends on May 30th.

Thanks to all the backers, and thanks to the Crowd Supply team. This was an amazing experience, and the PGB-1 adventure has just begun.

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