ATM90E26 Single-Phase Energy Monitor Dev Kits

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An open, affordable, and accurate energy monitor using ATM90E26.

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Shipping of DIN Rail Monitors

Dear backers,

Thank you for your patience while I got the production of this new design streamlined. The major hold-up was in the very low yields on boards using 0402 parts. Hand assembly of these was reaching the limits of my production crew and lots of rework and verification had to be performed. I over-built the units and have sufficient at hand to meet the order levels.

The firmware to be loaded on the DIN rail monitor can be found here:

If you would like any features included in the firmware, please lodge issues there or send me pull requests. I will also work on a quick-start guide for the monitor. I have working firmware for this board in both Micropython and Arduino. However units will be shipped with Arduino firmware pre-flashed. The firmware also supports http OTA upgrade.

I attended the Linux Australia conference and demonstrated the energy monitor and in a small way enabled Micropython support for the 16MB Wemos used on the monitor. Open source is all about collaboration.

Finally a shout-out to SANE Makerspace for providing a good work environment for the last stages of testing and assembly.

Manufacturing is not glamorous, it is often filled with disappoint and unforeseen challenges. We have had a fair share of ours and overcome them to ship a working product. Keep in mind this is an open system and you are free to change the firmware and modules that form the hardware. Small tweaks to the hardware are being loaded over OTA and units will be shipped to CrowdSupply via DHL tomorrow.

Parallel firmware load:

Enclosure assembly:

System testing:



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Whatnick INC is a consulting engineering company mainly working in the Energy Monitoring arena. We aim to build open-source hardware and empower users to put their own monitoring solutions together.

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Electronics Design Lead

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Logistics and Supply Chain

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Andrew Karas

Enclosure Designs and MCAD

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Video Production



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