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Portland, OR  ·   wildoutdoorapparel.com

Our goal at WILD is to bring unique, fun, and technical apparel for outdoor enthusiasts direct to the consumer at a fair price. With an eye toward design, color, and unique fabrication, WILD injects fun and excitement into a world otherwise dominated by huge corporations. We make small runs of independently minded product for independently minded people who don’t follow the crowd.

WILD Outdoor Apparel is a small design house from Portland, Oregon specializing in technical apparel that takes you from the mountain to the bar with aplomb. WILD products are tested in the notorious Pacific Northwest weather, so if your gear can survive here it can survive anywhere. WILD Apparel also reflects the Pacific Northwest way of life

  • relaxed, independent and fun. All WILD products are made from

technical fabrics chosen for their performance and style. All styles are designed and constructed for outdoor performance use but most also double as a fashionable street style as well.

WILD Outdoor Apparel aims to be independent in every way, delivering a unique branding experience undiluted by traditional market forces. The WILD branding experience includes the WILD logo - an irregular, jagged W-I-L-D - imperfect and untamed.

There are two animal icons that represent the WILD spirit in animal form: the Owl and the Fox.

The Owl: feared, venerated and admired; known for wisdom, mystery and intelligence. He adorns the Men’s product.

The FOX: like the OWL the Fox symbolizes intelligence and wisdom and then offers cleverness, patience and unpredictability as well. She adorns the Women’s product.

Get WILD, Stay WILD and Keep Life WILD.

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