The Skull CTF

by Wokwi

A mind-bending hardware puzzle in three acts

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Shipping Delay

by Crowd Supply

Orders are delayed due to severe and inclement weather conditions in the US.

The good news - the Skull shipment was successfully delivered to the warehouse last week!

The bad news - Mouser’s warehouse is being severely impacted by the inclement weather and power outages in Texas and the surrounding area. Outgoing orders, as well as incoming deliveries, will be subject to delays. We’ve updated the estimated shipping date for Skulls to allow for this delay. Thanks for your continued patience and support.

You may contact Crowd Supply support team with any other questions.

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 Portland, OR

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Product Choices


The Skull

A single The Skull CTF board (☠)


SparkFun Programmer

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

Design your own puzzles and load them into The Skull's brain using this programmer! Mini USB cable not included.

AVR Pocket Programmer by SparkFun


EconoStik Header: DR VT SMT 2x3

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

Use with the SparkFun Programmer.

One Amphenol FCI EconoStik™ 2.54mm Header. SMD/SMT Mounting style, Straight angled male pins, gold-plating. Voltage rating: 110 V



Wokwi creates tools for the Arduino and maker community, such as AVR8js, the Open source Arduino Simulator, and GoodArduinoCode.

Uri Shaked

JA Electronics


PCB Fabrication & PCB Assembly

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