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Great News

It’s great news this time!

I have managed to negotiate and come to a mutually acceptable agreement with Geoff Graham, the author of MMbasic, the license conditions to allow official distribution of MMbasic port for the ELLO computer. So that last obstacle is now gone and Microchip already delivered a batch of pre-programmed chips to the PCB factory for assembly of the first 2M systems.

The website ello.cc is also under development already. My plan is to make it a small hub for the users of current and future ELLO systems with a forum, documentation, examples, various learning material, etc.

And things are getting even better! Contacts with a factory-manufacturer in China pulled a new, better PGA socket for the prototyping space. Now the sockets can be even tighter packed together to create a homogenous hole matrix instead of the current four separate areas. The new sockets have shorten pins on the bottom side as well, and that removes the need for the extra PCB in that configuration, so ELLO will become even thinner than it is now.

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Receive an assembled ELLO 2M with universal keyboard lay-out, built-in BASIC, and built-in prototyping boards. The assembled Hacker XL version is signed by the creator.


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What ELLO is about, is creativity and challenge by emulating a modest system similar to those which created the current generation of engineers and programmers, to give one the chance to learn how to value system resources, and come up with optimized solutions.

Konstantin Dimitrov

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