ELLO 2M: A DIY Computer for Hobby and Education

by Yellow Beak Computer Ltd

ELLO 2M is a DIY, "stacked PCB" portable computer for learning to program and experimentation.

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ELLO Status

Hi all,

It has been a while since the last project update, but the work on ELLO has never stopped for a moment. The early design proved very challenging for manufacturing and assembly, with a significant number of defective boards coming out straight from the factory. That prompted me to take on the task to redo the design in a more manufacturable manner. I worked several months with direct connection to a couple PCB factories, to make sure everything in the new revision will be easy for manufacturing and will not incur extra cost during the process.

The new board (called ELLO 3M) is now fully designed and is being prototyped for the first time. It will eventually supersede the 2M model completely.

That being said, I am still committed to filling the currently outstanding ELLO 2M orders - I appreciate those of you who have been patiently waiting for your orders.

The ELLO 2M designs are however freely available on Github and CircuitMaker for those who like the good challenge of making their own 2M system.

Stay tuned for more updates about ELLO 3M.

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Receive an assembled ELLO 2M with universal keyboard lay-out, built-in BASIC, and built-in prototyping boards. The assembled Hacker XL version is signed by the creator.


Konstantin Dimitrov

HW International Electronics

PCB Manufacturing & Assembly

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