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A low-power, low-cost, wireless wearable built with chip-stacking technology.

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Manufacturing Update

Hello Backer,

Thank you for ordering zOrigin! Over the past few months, we’ve received an immensely positive response to our Crowd Supply campaign. One feature that has received a lot of praise is the ability to reprogram our chips for a variety of applications. Adaptability is a fundamental value of our technology, and is also part of our company culture. So, due to recent events we have modified our shipment schedule.

Historic levels of flooding in Taiwan have caused an unforeseeable delay in manufacturing. This event has had ramifications for the final assembly as well as the packaging of zOrigin. We have fine-tuned our supply chain accordingly, and are actively taking steps to ensure speedy delivery. zGlue is 100% dedicated to delivering a quality product to you, so we’ve adjusted the shipment date of zOrigin to October 3rd, 2018. If you have further questions or concerns about the delay, send them over to support@zglue.com and we’ll be happy to provide clarifications.

Meanwhile, feel free to reach out to business@zglue.com if you’re interested in building a custom chip of your own. zOrigin is the first step in the DIY chip design revolution, and you’re helping to make it happen!

Warm Regards,

Nathan Pier
Business Development, zGlue Inc.

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Product Choices



An incredibly small, ready-to-use fitness tracking fob that measures heart rate, temperature, and footsteps. Comes with 3D-printed enclosure, battery, charging cable, quickstart guide, and smartphone app.


zOrigin Dev Board

This dev board breaks out and makes easily accessible all the pins and functionality of the ZGLZ1 chip, the custom ZiP that powers the zOrigin. Includes a PMOD connector, and two electrode pads and cables for heart rate monitoring.


Five-pack of ZGLZ1BA Chips

Prototype your own projects using the same chip as used in zOrigin. Each chip is ten-by-ten, 0.8-mm-pitch BGA package measuring 8.7 mm x 9.1 mm.


zOrigin Deluxe Kit

Includes one of each of the above pledge levels: one zOrigin, one zOrigin Dev Board, and one Five-pack of ZGLZ1BA Chips.



We stack chips on demand by integrating the essential pieces of any connected things - processing, sensing, memory, and communication into one chip - giving unlimited freedom for creating things that are smaller, faster, and cheaper than what standard SoC and PCB integration technologies can offer. We help you build you next big thing, with quality, speed, and scalability.

Meng He

Project Lead

Jawad Nasrullah


Kelly Huang


Myron Shak

Ming Zhang

Hani Abidi

Omar Alnaggar

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