The Smartphone Grip and Tripod Mount

Jul 14, 2015

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Beta Testing Report & New Video

Hello backers!

I wanted to give an update on how things are going and introduce our latest video — shot entirely with A-Grips on the iPhone!

Making the video

Our goal was to shoot a video using exclusively iPhones and the A-Grip.  We were shocked with how much easier it is to shoot using the A-Grip.  Not only was shooting a much faster process, but the results are stunning.  The more we use the A-Grip the more we find we can’t live without it. It’s small and light and adds function to your phone camera without getting in the way. And it’s secure! I had no qualms using my large iPhone 6+ on a car mount driving 35 mph. So, check out the video and let us know what you think! vimeo: 133476887 Both of our videos were produced by the excellent filmmaker and videographer Robbie Bourland, make sure to check out his website here to see more of his work! He’s a total pro and incredibly creative.

Beta Testers

We produced several beta units to make sure we got things just right. These were water jet cut from ¾” blocks of aluminum by our friends at Rickard Engineering using a high end five axis water jet cutter. They were then machined and anodized and are now out in the field being used by photographer/videographer friends of ours. It has given us a unique chance to get feedback on the design elements and the look and feel.  Here’s what we’ve come up with:

The New Strap

We’re now using a Velcro-like strap design… and we put the logo on the strap! We’ll share details about it as soon as we can!  Made from soft and durable polyester webbing, with a strong hook and loop and a bright A-Grip logo, the new strap has a great look and feel.

Black is the New Black

A black stud looks great on the Titanium models as it gives this special A-Grip a very uniform look.


I have always loved working with titanium. As a bike racer I always dreamed of owning a titanium bike. It’s a rarefied metal with strange properties of lightness and strength. It also looks really cool!

Sci-Fi Movie Event

What’s a great film-making camera in your pocket unless you use it to make films.  If you’re in Portland, join us on Sunday July 20th for an event to be remembered.  We are shooting a short Sci-Fi film in my backyard once the sun goes down. Come be an extra! The scene will be a close encounters remake—everyone will gather around the bright lights of a descending space ship. Shooting will be from 10-11:30pm, so arrive at 9:30. We’ll provide wine and snacks! Send me an email: john ‘at’ if you might make it and I’ll give you directions.

Thank you!

We are looking forward to finishing our campaign strong, but we need your help! Please help us spread the word by tweeting about us, posting about us on Facebook, your blog, and telling your friends. We’ve also got some incredible stuff planned for our Instagram, so make sure to follow us there too. Thank you for backing us! Your support is incredible and we are in a great position –– thanks to you!


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