The Smartphone Grip and Tripod Mount

Jul 24, 2015

Project update 2 of 4

We Made It!

We made it!

Thank you every one for your support of us here at A-Grip. The team is super excited to make it a success! I can’t tell you how happy I am that we are able to start up this machine and start manufacturing.

Still Taking Orders! is still taking orders – so keep spreading the word!

Follow our progress

The Adventure has truly just begun. We will begin production here in Portland as soon as tooling is ready. I’m not sure if they will let us onto the shop floor but I hope to get some images of the process. Local manufacturing wherever possible is important to us at A-Grip and we hope to share that journey.

A-Grip’s In Action

Be sure to follow our Beta Testers out in the field creating amazing photos, videos, time-lapse, cinemagraphs, or live feed using the A-Grip. Contact us if you would like to be one of our Beta Testers and try an A-Grip in the field.

Cancer is a (Science) Fiction Movie

Building off of previous hospital projects founder and hospital artist, John Blalock, will be starting his latest project working with adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors to create short science fiction movies. Follow this and other projects that the A-Grip team will be create.

We Can’t Thank You Enough!

Once again we truly can’t thank you all enough — and our first priority is to get you an A-Grip cinema in your hand as soon as possible! So keep following us to see what we’re up to!

John Blalock

President, A-Grip Inc.

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