The Smartphone Grip and Tripod Mount

Oct 02, 2015

Project update 3 of 4

Fulfillment Update

Fulfillment Update!

Hey backers! Sorry we haven’t been in touch, we’ve been knee deep in aluminum extrusion. Anyway, we’re well into production and are close to being ready to ship! Based on early feedback, we made some small design enhancements such as a smoother profile, softer edges all around, and a new strap. The hand-feel, stability, and aesthetics are awesome, and we couldn’t be more proud. With that in mind, we want to apologize for not getting these out by our projected ship date of September. However, we’re past most of the time consuming parts of making all of your A-Grips, and are confident we will get these sent out to you by the end of the month. The design updates pushed things back a bit, but they’re well worth the wait! Check out this video John made showing the changes, and thanks so much for your support and patience!

The A-Grip Team

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