Aeroh Link

A hackable IR remote control with an OpenAPI and support for app and voice control

Project Backers

Thank you for your support!

brian a
Garden Grove, CA

Timothy P
Clearwater, MN

Sanjay S
Bothell, WA

Rhonda L
Belmont, CA

Craig L
Kobble Creek, Australia

Steven B
Milwaukee, WI

Javier M
Madrid, Spain

Mark C
Medford, MA

Kevin C

Nikhil R
Miami, FL

Daniel C
San Jose, CA

Brendan H
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Robin D
Erie, CO

Edward S
Lexington, MA

David P
Oakland, CA

Li-yuan K
San Jose, CA

Breda, Netherlands

Harry M

Srihari J
Oakland, CA

Sekhar G
Dublin, CA

Liam C
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Andreas L
Munich, Germany

Tim T
Everett, WA

Aishraj D
Fremont, CA

Anusha P
Mountain View, CA

Sai N
Georgetown, TX

Sangeeta D
Edison, NJ

Matthew P
Sonora, CA

Crowd Supply
Portland, OR

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