Aeroscope: Wireless Oscilloscope Probe

by Aeroscope Labs

A wireless, ultra-portable oscilloscope with impressive specs – debug circuits in their natural environment.

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RedBot Embedded

In this video, we show how you can embed Aeroscope inside a robot to remotely analyze signals.

Aeroscope is connected to a SparkFun RedBot while it is in line following mode. We noticed some curious voltage drooping on the digital PWM signals from the Atmel AVR microcontroller and decide to investigate further. While looking at the power supply line, we see the same drooping and conclude that the AA batteries are to blame.

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Jul 19 2016


Aeroscope Labs

The inspiration for Aeroscope Labs came while Alexander was debugging a hard circuit problem on a mobile robot. The issue would go away when the robot was set up on a lab bench, but would reappear when driving around. He needed an oscilloscope that would fit inside the robot and beam data back to a separate screen. He began working on the initial concept and soon hooked up with his old friend Jonathan. Jonathan had long been frustrated by the mess of wires ever present on his lab bench and immediately recognized the potential of a completely wireless oscilloscope probe.

Jonathan Ward


Alexander Lee


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