Aeroscope Wireless Oscilloscope Probe

A wireless, ultra-portable oscilloscope with impressive specs – debug circuits in their natural environment.

Jun 30, 2016

Project update 5 of 8

Pulse Trigger

A few backers have given feedback that they would like to see additional triggering options besides standard edge triggers. We were already working on this and have decided to commit to shipping with support for pulse width triggering this Fall. This will allow users to trigger on pulses that are greater than or less than a user defined time threshold. Pulse width triggering is useful for capturing serial data, glitches on digital I/O, and intersymbol interference that can cause errors on data transmission. Pulse width triggering can also be used to analyze things like duty cycle on PWM signals.

We are working on other advanced trigger options that won’t be ready at launch. One example is a UART trigger that will allow a user to trigger on a specific UART word. These other triggers will be made available via an over the air firmware update some time in 2017.


The Aeroscope Team

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