Aeroscope: Wireless Oscilloscope Probe

by Aeroscope Labs

A wireless, ultra-portable oscilloscope with impressive specs – debug circuits in their natural environment.

View all updates Jul 20, 2016

Next Steps

Our crowdfunding campaign has ended and unfortunately we didn’t meet our funding goal. We received a lot of positive feedback during the campaign and have decided to launch another campaign this fall. The next few months will be spent developing a lower priced and reduced bandwidth version of Aeroscope as well as adding features and functionality to the current Aeroscope. We plan to offer both versions of Aeroscope during this next campaign, the 100 MHz bandwidth version as well as the low cost version. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we get closer to our next crowdfunding launch date.

$23,870 raised

of $100,000 goal

24% Funded Time Expired
Jul 19 2016


Aeroscope Labs

Jonathan Ward


Alexander Lee


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