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Adding GPIO

by Akshar Vastarpara

One of our backers made a great suggestion: why not add GPIO expansion to Maypole? We liked the idea so much, we decided to do it! To that end, we designed a revision with four GPIO so that Maypole can be used to interface with sensors and other hardware add-ons. These pins can be used for SPI, I²C, UART, or analog input.

This will allow you to, for example, attach a I²C temperature sensor, record measurements onto Maypole’s MicroSD card, then access the data either via USB or over the network.

Design Files for our 3D-Printed Enclosure

Last week, we showed off some photographs of our 3D-Printed enclosure but we forgot to link to the design files. Oops! Here they are!

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Product Choices


Maypole With Battery

Includes a 3.7 V, 370 mAh LiPo battery and charging circuitry that allow you to upload and download files while Maypole is unplugged


Maypole Without Battery

If you only need to transfer files while Maypole is connected to a host device, you can skip the battery to save on size, weight, and cost.


Maypole With Programmer (No Battery)

Help us add new features! One Maypole (without battery) connected by six pre-soldered wires to an FTDI programmer with a MiniUSB port. Comes with a male MiniUSB to male USB Type-A cable.


Akshar Vastarpara

Akshar Vastarpara



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