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Our Crowdfunding Campaign is Now Live!

by Akshar Vastarpara

Today, crowdfunding begins for a new kind of open hardware storage system. Maypole allows users to share data wirelessly and makes it easier for designers to add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality to their products.

USB flash memory sticks have been around long enough to have become a defacto data-exchange "interface" for devices of all kinds: computers, printers, industrial machinery, sewing machines, lab equipment, etc. We designed Maypole to solve practical, real world problems related to industrial machinery that reads static instructions from a USB stick. It gives us the ability to store and edit design files from anywhere within Wi-Fi range—or even from across the Internet. In other words, it gives us the IoT functionality we need without us to replace expensive equipment that serves our needs perfectly in every other respect.

When we actually began building Maypole, it occurred to us that it would have uses well beyond our industry. We also realized that the addition of a battery would open the door to new mobility-oriented applications. The current version of maypole is like a portable power bank for data! And, thanks to the ESP32 module at its heart, Maypole has Bluetooth functionality as well, which gives it the potential to support wireless speakers and headphones.

We think you’ll enjoy using it, and we think you’ll love building other products around the features it provides. So come have a look at our campaign page, and help us bring Maypole to the world!

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Akshar Vastarpara


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Product Choices


Maypole With Battery

Includes a 3.7 V, 370 mAh LiPo battery and charging circuitry that allow you to upload and download files while Maypole is unplugged


Maypole Without Battery

If you only need to transfer files while Maypole is connected to a host device, you can skip the battery to save on size, weight, and cost.


Maypole With Programmer (No Battery)

Help us add new features! One Maypole (without battery) connected by six pre-soldered wires to an FTDI programmer with a MiniUSB port. Comes with a male MiniUSB to male USB Type-A cable.



Electronics was just all about engineering at the beginning, but the hacker community turned this industry into an artistic creative fun thing. We, Vicharak, are particularly interested in developing various kinds of hardware which will eventually serve people and hackers. We have already launched our first campaign with Maypole and some more cool projects are in the pipeline too! We want to try every possible electronics segment which can be hackable and make it more easily hackable. Our main goal is to develop simple solutions with major features.

Akshar Vastarpara



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