HEGduino V2

A flexible FNIRS and blood-flow biofeedback Kit

Jun 23, 2021

Project update 4 of 4


by Joshua Brewster

We made it to the other end friends. We’ve made our goal and we get to order a couple hundred devices to share with you all. We’ve made a few quality of life improvements to the device like some switches to swap the communication modes and put the device into deep sleep easier to save battery. Production will start immediately.

We’re continuing important work on our new open source software Brains@Play which will be the hub for accessible brain technologies as it continues to take shape. We are still breaking it occasionally as we add a ton of important features, we are planning a more formal release within a month or two, before you receive your devices.

Going forward we have a exciting plans to continue to build a community around HEG & FNIRS and its important implications in the mental health world. We’re excited to lead the charge in open, affordable, and innovative biofeedback technologies!

This is a small project and your support makes it directly possible, so thank you so much!

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