HEGduino V2

A flexible FNIRS and blood-flow biofeedback Kit

Jun 16, 2021

Project update 3 of 4

Update #3

by Joshua Brewster

Hey everyone, we’ve been crunching on the code for a few weeks and we’re excited to bring you even more advanced features for the Sensorium demo in the previous update. It is now fully functional for multiplayer and lets you live mix shaders with audio and biofeedback, including hosting other users while you play with the shaders and use your group data to create unique effects. This is not basic stuff but it’s sure a bit more exciting than basic Shadertoys if that is your thing.

It will also be featured for our friend’s upcoming biofeedback dome experience in Los Angeles, CA, which will allow you to hook up my HEGs together for a group audiovisual biofeedback entertainment/meditation experience. These shaders can be saved and linked via URLs, including custom shaders and biofeedback settings. It’s a fun way to get into WebGL and learn to create effects live while sounds and solo or group feedback are coming in. We hope to help host some interesting soundstage events in collaboration with our friends in L.A., who also run the Biofeedback Institute of L.A. that helped inspire this project.

So here’s a dome projection of a 3D animated shader I pasted in. It’s mapped onto a dome surface and the textures are warped to improve the perspective, then all remains is to project the image onto a real dome. This will also work in VR after a couple bugs are fixed.

You can check out the Sensorium along with the rest of our WIP web brain software platform.

If you log into multiplayer (just press "join", you don’t need a username yet) and join the first server, you can see the above image in action. We just pasted it from Shadertoy and added our custom uniforms and it worked in 30 seconds on a live server.

Otherwise, you’ll see we didn’t get very close to our funding goal and there’s only a few days left. That’s okay, we can still fulfill your orders, but we’re not going to be able to order as many as we’d hoped so we’re going to be limited on supply. So get yours now if you’re on the fence. There might not be another opportunity for a while and any support goes a very long way for keeping this and future projects alive and evolving.

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