Brain blood flow biofeedback meets affordable IoT technology

May 28, 2020

Project update 9 of 10

Backorders Shipping Soon

by Joshua Brewster

If you have a pending HEGduino order, we have good news! After some supply chain delays and lots of kitting and assembly, the next batch of HEGduino products are on their way to Crowd Supply’s warehouse for final distribution. We appreciate your patience!

Please take this time to check your delivery address, and update it if needed in your Crowd Supply account. Please be mindful of whether or not your delivery location is ‘OPEN’ and accessible for couriers - we want you to receive your HEGduino products as soon as possible, and avoiding returned shipments is a good way to do that! Once an item is sent out by our warehouse, it can be hard or impossible to re-route a shipment.

We’ve been focused on the hardware and product assembly, but we just released a software update adding more audio support, including a nifty little sound effects generator class for those of you into scripting your own. We’re getting close to being able to produce complete documentation and make a bigger push for community involvement in the web software. We have a few more tricks up our sleeve, first, to make this a highly relevant piece of software for the biofeedback world.

Also, check out this image of a friend playing music while using the HEG. He was playing bluegrass and the score shot up as he concentrated! That image on the screen is a 3D Earth feedback mode, using simple ThreeJS! Down the pipe we have many more plans for graphical improvements.

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