Brain blood flow biofeedback meets affordable IoT technology

Nov 19, 2019

Project update 6 of 10

Interviews: Pete van Deusen & Stephanie DuPont

Time to check in, and this time we have our first couple interviews to share!

We are progressing along great while getting ready for the launch, just waiting on parts to accumulate for our first production run. Our code continues to shape up and we have a few people starting to test it, including our friends at the Biofeedback Institute of Los Angeles (BILA).

We mentioned previously that we were doing interviews with some of the people who’ve shaped the development of HEG. Here are the first two interviews! The recordings are a bit rough so I apologize in advance, but these interviews are very informative for a general audience.

First up is a conversation I recorded with Pete van Deusen on 10/22 this year, owner of Brain Trainer and one of the earlier people in the biofeedback biz as consumer tech began becoming available in the 1990’s. He’s currently running a consumer HEG development project that I am creating a hardware solution for, which is helping beef up our open source tools big time. I really enjoy working with Pete as he’s a kind spirit, I hope you enjoy these 30 minutes as much as I did:

Interview with Pete van Deusen, Brain Trainer

Soundcloud Link

Interview with Stephanie DuPont, BILA

Next up is an hour and a half with our friend Stephanie DuPont, president of the BILA and colleague of Hershel and Marjorie Toomim, who were pioneers of biofeedback technology and methodologies.

Soundcloud Link

Note on Average Income

I want to clarify one statement I made at ~30 min mark about average income for African American households: the correct statistic is that the median net worth for this socioeconomic group is less than \$10,000 while for non-Hispanic white households the median income is \$130,000. This came up when talking about disparity among minorities and increased rates of depression, as well as fewer professionals coming out of these economic groups.

More Interviews Coming

Next week we’re interviewing Bob Marsh at BILA, who runs Biocomp and makes the Peanut HEGs. He helped cofound nIR HEG with Hershel Toomim. Stay tuned!

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