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Dec 28, 2020

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Ollie DB9 to OBD-II Cable Support

by Ali Slim

The DB9 connector did not get much attention, although it’s a very useful tool! So now I’ve decided to make it even more useful by adding support for OBD-II Cable.

Many CAN interfaces use DB9 (9 pin D-Sub) including Ollie. To be able to connect to your car you will need a DB9 to OBD-II Cable. OBD-II connector allows you to connect to large variety of vehicles.

The current Ollie DB9 pinout is based on CiA 303-1 which specifies DB9 pinout as (CANL pin2, CANH pin7 and GND pin3) however I found that although CiA to OBD-II cables do exist but are not very common, the only one I could find was on Mouser OBD-DB9-F-ES.

The more common cables are the Sparkfun DB9 to OBD-II with pinout (CANL pin5, CANH pin3 and GND pin1).

This is why I decided to add 3 extra jumpers to support both modes. So all backers who ordered the DB9 connector will receive the updated version at no extra cost!

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