An open video development board in a PCI express form factor that supports overlaying content on encrypted video signals. Let's bring open video to the digital age!

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Jun 30, 2018

Project update 8 of 14

Campaign Conclusion

Wow! What a crazy month — from launching at the Teardown event in Portland to wrapping up at Toorcamp in Seattle, it’s been a thrill running the NeTV2 crowdfunding campaign and getting in touch with developers everywhere. Thanks to your pledges, the campaign closed at over $75,000, with an absolutely staggering push in the last 48 hours enabling us to smash through our third and final stretch goal, unlocking the 100T FPGA upgrade. Congrats to everyone who helped get us there, thanks for spreading the word and creating such a huge groundswell of support!

Also, special thanks to Florent (@enjoy_digital) and Sean (@xobs) who cooked up a couple of demos in the last week that really showed the power of an open source development model. From hacking up RISC-V cores to add an Ethernet debug port, to directly linking two NeTV2 boards at 16 Gb/s via the GTPs, effectively doubling the video processing capability, I was really impressed. It’s always a great feeling to see your hardware doing things you hadn’t envisioned it doing the day you designed it.

The solid support shown in this campaign also helps validate the market for developers with a need to process video. I deeply appreciate this show of support; it will help me in my quest to hopefully bring back the right to express and innovate on media that is otherwise legally inaccessible.

I look forward to fulfilling your pledges. The next step for me is to place a binding order for the FPGAs — I need to lock those in before the trade war takes effect. After that, I’ll make some final tweaks to the design and push it to PVT revision, where I’ll do the final validation and compliance testing before punching in to full production. I’ll be sending updates as I pass each successive milestone. I look forward to staying in touch, and also seeing all the amazing applications and demos that ultimately come out of the NeTV2 developer community.

Thanks again for your support and backing. Without your faith and your pledges, none of this would be possible.

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