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Sep 12, 2022

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BusKill and US Customs

by Michael Altfield

Shipping Update

We’re very happy to announce that the cargo ship delivered our backer’s BusKill cables to the port of Long Beach, CA.

Unfortunately, it’s been over two weeks since the boat departed for its journey back across the Pacific. We asked the shipper, and we were informed that the items are in US Customs "since it has a USB Drive" and that they are just "inspecting" the drives to see if they have any "restricted material"

What’s next?

After the shipment clears customs, they’ll be at Mouser’s distribution center in about a week, then they’ll be inventoried, processed, and shipped out to you. This may take a few additional weeks.

We know it’s been over 6 months since you backed our campaign (thank you for your patience and trust!). Please do double-check your address in your Order Details within your Crowd Supply Account to make sure it’s up-to-date. If you need help, contact Crowd Supply Support and they can update it for you.

Mouser will not refund orders that are correctly delivered to the shipping address on-file.


We ship the BusKill kits with the software pre-installed on the USB Drive for our user’s convenience. Of course, this introduces the risk of interdiction.

Included on the BusKill USB Storage drive is a "sigs" directory that includes all of the BusKill software’s platform-specific releases (compressed archives), the BusKill team’s PGP Keys, a "SHA256SUMS" manifest file, and its cryptographic signature "SHA256SUMS.asc".

We highly recommend downloading our PGP Keys out-of-band and cryptographically verifying the authenticity & integrity of the BusKill App.

For more information about our work to mitigate interdiction attacks, see our FAQ.

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