A USB kill cord for your laptop

Mar 08, 2022

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Further Progress on Samples

by Michael Altfield

Update: Further progress on samples

Magnetic Breakaway Cable

We have received our first samples of the magnetic breakaway component.

The cables look and feel great, but unfortunately they’re not functional! It appears that the pinout was wrong on this first sample..

USB Device

We received our first batch of samples from the USB Storage manufacturer. One of these models does appear to meet our needs, so we’ll move forward with them.


Of the 39 vendors we contacted on alibaba, not one offered a 100% steel carabiner in the small size we needed.

We received our first batch of samples from a carabiner manufacturer. One of these models does appear to meet our needs. The frame is made of a lightweight aluminum 6061 alloy. The wire gate is steel, and — though lightweight — overall it feels well-made.

We also reached-out to Nite Ize (who manufactures the 100% steel carabiner used in our prototype) for wholesale sourcing twice in the last week, but they didn’t respond..

If we can find a carabiner manufacturer that makes small 100% steel carabiners (~40-50 mm x 20-30 mm), then we’ll order samples. Otherwise, I think these aluminum alloy carabiners with a steel wire gate is sufficient.


We reached-out to five kitting/3PL providers in Guangdong who will help assemble and package the final product before shipping to Crowd Supply.

What’s next

We need another sample of the magnetic breakaway adapter before we can proceed with production, which will take about one month to fulfill our quantity of orders.

We also need to compare our options with the 3PL providers and choose who to partner with.

Both of these are being done in parallel.

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