A USB kill cord for your laptop

Nov 28, 2023

Project update 25 of 29

Keyboard Shortcuts for QubesOS

by Michael Altfield

We’ve just published an update that describes how to setup a keyboard shortcut in QubesOS that disarms (pauses) the BusKill laptop kill cord.

This allows the user to, for example, go to the bathroom without causing their computer to shutdown or self-destruct.

While our previous guide described how to install BusKill on QubesOS, our latest guide describes how to add keyboard shortcuts to arm and disarm the deadman switch (e.g., so you can pause for the toilet or a snack).

We look forward to continuing to improve the BusKill software and making BusKill more accessible this year. If you want to help, please consider purchasing a BusKill cable for yourself or a loved one. It helps us fund further development and you get your own BusKill cable to keep you or your loved ones safe.

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